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I should probably call this post: Shameless Promotion # 1.
Because I did it. Today I became a bona fide member of Etsy with six of my OOAK clutch bags in my own storefront at PatStudio.

The truth is that I became a member of Etsy nearly three years ago and the account just sat dormant while I was focused on work, writing proposals, fundraising, and family matters. But in the first blush of retirement and the time to do work that I really want to do, it is the moment to re-activate that earlier desire.
For a while I thought I'd want to do regional, juried craft shows with my work. But the reality of that is I am not ever going to be a production-type person. I just am never going to make 100 of the same things to create a saleable inventory for shows.
With Etsy, I can build an online presence that allows me to create OOAK items for the pure joy of the doing. I don't need a large inventory as one would with shows. And, there is the opportunity for a far larger audience for the work than would see it at regional craft shows.

Today, I purchased a custom banner and avatar for Etsy to match the banner here on this blog and begin to create an 'identity'.

And this just feels right.

This is original work
uploaded by PatStudio.
Please be kind.
Do not use without

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