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Asian-Inspired Concertina Book

This concertina book was a winter project 
6x4 inches ..... 12 panels
Nearly complete, it had to be set aside because of work to be done on the wire knitting project and visits with my mom in Massachusetts -- 90 miles from York, Maine

Paper, glass beads
Silk, cotton, wire, 
Painted non-wovens
Kantha stitching
Metallic threads
Hand-made beads
Found objects (such as black screening)
And odd bits and bobs.

This panel is painted non-woven interfacing
Japanese contemporary fabric.
Stitching with metallic threads
and studded with glass beads

Below you can see some of my wire knitting  -- 
practice knitting that found a home.
I love making fabric books.
Its exciting to stand aside and let the narrative flow ......

I should admit that this book went through several (or more) deconstructions before it got to this place.
Slow cloth.


Eva said...

Lovely. The fabrics... the small metal seal with dragons is wonderful.
Very often when we Europeans try to do something Asian, it still looks European. Not in this case.

Pat said...

thanks for the lovely comment. so much appreciated. btw the way, i've had a visit to your shop at spoonflower and i am so impressed.

Françoise said...

Really beautiful!

Pat said...

thank you francoise.....means a lot.....

Deborah said...

Beautiful! I clicked to enlarge the lovely details. I particularly like the wire knitting.

Pat said...

Hi Deborah, and thanks for you wonderful comment. I originally had left the images at 'medium' size but following Eva's suggestion I re-sized them to small.

I have a great time with this book.....probably shows.......

linda stokes said...

What a beautiful book - love the way you've put it all together.

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