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The quilt that came home......

This quilt has been hanging in the school library
where I worked until a few weeks ago.
It was originally created for a guild show
in Concord NH. The show's theme was:
"Tell Me A Story".
My friend Chris is a children's librarian and she suggested that
we -- she , Suzanne, and me --
use a very delightful book entitled,
"The Easter Egg Farm" to interpret for our show quilts.
The story revolves around Mrs. Pennywort, a hippie-wanna-be
who owns a farm and keeps chickens.

Now, Mrs. Pennywort's chickens are no ordinary chickens.

Not at all.
These chicks lay the most delightfully artistic eggs.
The sky, the clouds, a Picasso --
whatever the chicks see becomes part of their shells.

As you can imagine news of these most unusual
chicks and eggs spread quickly around the town.

I had great fun making this quilt to hang in the show.
But except to bring it out for the occasional
viewing to friends and family,
it has stayed carefully wrapped
in archival paper.

Until this spring when it hung in the library
where staff read the story to students beneath the quilt.
And so it hung for six weeks or so this spring
where it made everyone happy with its cheery colors.

Last week a former co-worker brought the quilt home to me.

The quilt is machine pieced and quilted;
made of 100% cotton;
embellished with lame, threads and fibers;
Mrs. Pennywort's jewels are found objects.

This is original work
created and uploaded
by PatStudio.
Please be kind.
Do not use without

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sharonb said...

Mrs Pennywort is most expressive!

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