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Along the shore

Monday promised the best weather of the week so we set out in the early afternoon for a leisurely walk along the shore.

Here, an idyllic spot on the Piscataqua River with a view towards Portsmouth.

Nearly mid-June and the beach roses are in bloom.

Lots of pink ones out but only this solitary white rose was seen along our path heading east from the mouth of the Piscataqua River towards the open ocean.

Art can be found in the most unlikely places.

Here, fallen tree
patina on
exposed roots
sculpted by nature

Great day for a sail.

Have you seen
the sky more blue
the water more serene
than on this day?

Looking from Kittery towards Star Island

great summer retreat
we have spent
peaceful weeks there
summer guests in the
Oceanic Hotel.

I digress from my shoreline stroll. I want to share a picture of the Oceanic Hotel

Nine miles out to sea
and a hundred years ago:
no phones, televisions, radios, automobiles, or computers.
Quiet. Peaceful. Moments

In my avatar, where I'm wearing the crown of balloons and a happy grin? That was taken out at Star as I lay on a late Victorian chaise in a drawing room during a wine and cheese party. There was music and good conversation and a funny balloon man making silly hats that no one was allowed to refuse.

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