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Giving birth: a new concertina journal

I've started work on a new concertina book.
Here I have little bins brimming with fabric and color possibilities.

I started the auditioning process: selecting, de-selecting.
The book will have 12 panels, 6 on each side.
24 inches long x 6 inches high.

At times, I create from a narrative -- I want to tell a story.
Other times, I am more interested in color, texture,
dimension and the narrative flows from there.

On the right, is a fragment from a 1920s woman's dress that wants antique lace and some embroidery or stitching. The bits of silk on the left are for couching and embellishing and more hand stitching.

The piece in the middle reflects memories of living on the Quabbin Reservoir, a large natural preserve. Is there a theme emerging? The 1920s dress fragment. The Quabbin, created in the early 1930s by submerging 6 central Massachusetts towns.

Fabric paper, layers of tissue paper with fabric, glue and paint
creating a material that is not quite paper/not quite fabric
but can be cut, painted, sewn and more.

Layers of muslin, decorative fabric and organza.
Then the focal fabric over-top.
This process will continue with more auditioning, lots of hand-stitching, beads and embellishment; buttons and embroidery.
I will update my work on this piece as it progresses
~~ if indeed it does.

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