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What is so rare?

Flaming June
June has not 'flamed' much this season along the New Hampshire/Maine border. It has been a month of seemingly endless rain. At first, we were delighted. The garden soil was dry and the new plants needed the water. But it has kept on raining and raining.

Aggregate rainfall through the 24th day of June: 15 days of rain and 4 inches of water. Happily though we've made the most of the rare dry days of bright sunshine and clear blue skies with picnics on the beach and walks along shore.

Yesterday Larry was checking the garden and discovered a family of ugly spineless slugs had moved in near the tomato and pepper and eggplant. They feast on vegetables and certain flowers.

Pansy, petunia, impatiens and all the herbs in containers on the deck are drooping and sad.
We need some days of sun and wind to dry the container garden and small vegetable bed.

But rain is expected to last the entire week.

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Celeste Maia said...

I love that painting. When I lived in Prague I painted a painting "apres" that one, I will show you the photo.
Sorry about the rain, but from this unbearably hot, parched point of view,it sounds so appealing...

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