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Felting Wool

I've been felting thrifted woolen sweaters.
Such an adventure: each one is a new experience. Each sweater gives an altogether different result. Today, I felted a hand-knit aran sweater. White and lovely with cables and such and it felted like a dream with no unexpected outcomes. The other was a lavender wool sweater from Old Navy that was an absolute nightmare. First, it came from the hot water bath as stiff as a board. I thought surely it would soften in the dryer. But no, that was not to be. It clanged and banged in the dryer and when finally dry, its long fibers had congealed into mats and as well it just got stiffer.
Last week I felted four sweater of rabbit and lambswool. In turquoise and off-white. Gray. Black. Olive green with white trim and white whale. No problems with these. I have arrived at the notion that Old Navy knits are made of an inferiour fiber.
It will take some creative thinking about what to do with the lavender felt: slippers? coasters? stuffies?
No problem figuring out what to do with the other felted wools: purses and hand bags! No sweat. And sure to be lovely and functional.


Celeste Maia said...

I laughed with your Old Navy sweater clanging and banging in the dryer, that was such a funny image.
Please take photos of the results, Pat, I would love to see what you have done.

Pat said...

The stiffness of the Old Navy sweater was like the memory of I have of my mother bringing frozen laundry into the house in winter ... my father's shirts could stand .....socks and inflexable towels .... in the days before electric dryers.

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