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The Hoy Award

My blog was recently given the Hoy Award by Celeste who is an amazing artist.

Celeste lives in Madrid with her husband. We met in cyberspace this year and have become nearly daily correspondents. Her blog 'Maia's Into the moonlight' is very new, very lovely; it highlights her artistic talents with fabulous photos and a compelling writing style. I have Celeste's blog listed in my blogroll where you can just click for a visit -- do so, you won't be sorry. And, I'll just bet you'll be a frequent visitor.

Celeste has spent a lifetime as a fine artist and more recently has entered the publishing world with her children's books. You can see and read about her while experiencing a visual treat on her website. Check out the lin, CelesteMaia, in the right hand column under inspiring websites. Definitely worth the visit.

The Hoy comes with the obligation to select five other blogs for the award - blogs that not already on one's blogroll. Finding five great blogs is a difficult task: there are so many beautiful blogs in the world. It is also a time-consuming task of looking, searching, reading, deciding.
The blogs I selected are all visually beautiful, their text is intelligent, their art is inspiring. And, I am delighted to have found them all. I expect to be a new follower of each and feel certain my readers will enjoy visiting each one.

The blogs I selected represent artists in England, Australia, Finland (on the Arctic Circle) and the United States: artists who represent their work in stunning ways. All are extremely creative women and I am thrilled to present them here.


Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations Pat on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me and for your kind comments.

Pat said...

It was a pleasure to pass it along to you; more, a pleasure to have found your beautiful blog.

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