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On this day, Lammas Day, I am working at my kantha stitching project 'tho I feel I should be baking bread in honor of the day. Perhaps I will. Bake bread.

I keep my hand-stitching in a basket with assorted thread, needles, scissors and bits of fabric, some plain and others that have been embellished with stitching and might be used in one of the projects. This I can easily carry to the deck and stitch while I listen to summer's music and watch its magic.

Here are little squares of cotton over bridal veil, then a larger piece of cotton with a base of natural cotton batting to create a surface for the stitching ~~~ although the women of Bengal and Bangladesh did not use batting when using kantha stitching to create new cloth from old.

Straight lines. And circles. Some antique buttons.

This little piece will get a backing dyed with woad that a grew in my garden. Woad has a fascinating history: it was used by the Celts when entering battle: they painted themselves with it. Woad has been called the indigo of northern Europe.


Deb G said...

That's looking great! I wanted to grow woad but it's considered an invasive plant in the state I live in.

Pat said...

Thanks Deb, for the comment....I am having fun with this little cloth. We have lived in Maine for the last 18 months; don't have any woad here and was thinking I would plant some next spring.....better check on the invasive idea first. Good suggestion......

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