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Some are special

This is my Victoria
She will be seventeen in September and is an amazing young woman

Well, you might say, "we all think our granddaughters are special".
" What is so amazing about Victoria"?

For starters, she is bright and funny, creative and intelligent. A hard worker. Ambitious. Gentle and sweet. She plays school sports, does school and community theater, and achieved high honors for her fourth quarter grades for this past school year (sophomore year in high school).

But there's more.

She is enrolled as a freshman in college for September. As a 'dual enrollment student', she will take a full load of college freshman classes while maintaining her high school status as a junior. When she graduates in two years, she will do so with a high school diploma and an associate's degree in liberal arts.
We think she is mighty special, indeed!


Deb Light said...

Victoria is very special indeed!!Beautiful too!

Pat said...

Thanks Deb. You know how we love our grandkids!

Michelle said...

Beautiful girl!

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