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We're off

...... and driving up to Augusta for the annual Maine Quilt Show. This quilt show is lovely, never disappoints; it is just the right size; always has quality work on display.

I am packing a picnic for the trip. Some cold tomato soup: leeks and garlic are sauted briefly in a little olive oil; then tomatoes are added along with thyme, basil, garlic and water. Everything is simmered slowly on a very low heat for several hours. It is to be served very cold. For the picnic, I'll add some good cheese, WASA bread and pickles. And little pasta salad.

I am addicted to cookbooks and the thousands upon thousands of recipes one can easily find on the web. I know I didn't need the new cookbook I found at the book sale on Thursday. But I love soup. This cookbook is one soley devoted to soup from a monk's kitchen. But then again, yes, I did need it: there is nothing more satisfying than soup, I think.

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