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a bit of stitching at the coast

hand-dyed fabric

august in new england
temps over 90

late afternoon
doris lessing short stories and I
went to the beach
I, in my big straw hat
a la Monet
a beach chair
cooling breezes
an early sunset
turns everything pink
families gathering stuff
rounding up children

ah, august in new england along the shore


Deb G said...

We're going to be over 80 today, getting hot for this area.

I love this time of year because it's so comfortable outside in the evening, but I don't have to stay up late to enjoy it.

justme said...

Coming to your blog always relaxes me. Right now I feel like I'm sitting in a beach chair on the shore watching the gentle waves roll in. So peaceful.

pat said...

oh, Sally. wouldn't it be nice to have two chairs. side by side. one for each and we could just look and chat. easy.

Pat said...

Last night I stayed on the beach until it was chilly. oh felt so good after the 90+ heat of the day. a little cooler today: about 88. some breeze blowing by......i hear the beach calling.......

Celeste Maia said...

Charmed life, Pat! It all sounds perfect and so very pleasant. Over here there's also a heat wave, it makes me realize that I am ready for Autumn, my favorite season of all.

Michelle said...

You have a way with words lady!

Pat said...

thank you Michelle. I like to write. I also like the 'visual' part of writing. And I like breaking the rules of good english grammer when i write. if i feel like it; when the spirit moves; when i think it tells the story better.....

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