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Grit, style, talent and determination

To say that we are proud is probably an understatement.

It was late. I had insomnia from one too many coffees. So I was up, awake and was surfing the web. That's when I discovered Big Huge Labs where one can make a mosaic of photos or a movie poster from an image. Or play with any one of dozens of little software programs. All pro bono.

With nothing but time on my hands, I decided to play with the movie poster maker using a spring prom picture of my granddaughter, Victoria.

Let me tell you about my real life Vita. She is one sparkling young lady. Sixteen. Completed her sophomore year with high honors in all honors level courses. But more she is entering college in September under a Massachusetts program that allows high school students to maintain a dual enrollment in their high schools while matriculating in one of the community colleges. She was accepted into this program, chose her classes and in a few weeks will be driving herself to college ..... In two years, at age eighteen, she will graduate with her HS diploma and an AA ~~ associate's degree in liberal arts.

This is a young woman with aspirations. With grit and style. Talent and determination. A hard worker with BIG heart and a pocket full of dreams. Way to go, Victoria.


Michelle said...


Good luck to Vita!

Celeste Maia said...

Greetings from Portugal, Pat. What a lovely poster you made for a real winner. I cannot imagine a nicer tribute!

patstudio said...

Thank you Celeste and Michelle. And you are so correct: she is very special. But of course I am a tad bit unobjective......just a bit.

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