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"In summer, the song sings itself."

We drove from York to White River Junction in Vermont on Sunday.

And hoped to find a spot for a picnic lunch along the way. Just serendipitously, we discovered this wonderful park in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, about halfway to our destintation.

Perfect timing, a perfect place.

Called, Elm Brook Park, it is an Army Corps of Engineers project when they came to build a dam for flood control. Elm Brook Park is the happy result of that work.

Its many acres provide space for fishing, swimming. A boat launch. Hiking and biking trails. There's a basketball court. And a field for model air planes. Horse shoes. Covered pavillions that can be reserved. Lots of picnic tables. And best, great open spaces.

The weather on Sunday was merely 'ok' ~~ cloudy and misty and cool. Still we fell in love with the Park and decided to come back on our return trip today ~~ provided the weather really cooperated.

It did!We woke to find a gloriously sunny day!

So, after my appointment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, we purchased goodies for grilling by the lake. And, here you can see Larry preparing our "riparian repast" to prove my point.

(You know, I always wanted to use that word! But this is the first time I've had an occasion to use the word "riparian" ..... although I have tried and tried. Do you remember Hyacynth from that terrifically funny BBC production called Keeping Up Appearances? And that hilarious episode where she is trying desperately to host a 'riparian feast'?)

"In summer, the song sings itself."- William Carlos Williams


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember that episode in "Keeping Up Appearances."

Love your pictures.

Everything seems so calm. If only the whole world could experience the peace these pictures

ever jeanne said...

oh, how i LOVE that hyacinth bucket (pronounced bouquet, of course)! and yes, i remember that hilarious riparian adventure she organized. lovely spot, that white river junction. (i went to graduate school in plainfield, vt - drove all over the gorgeous state.)

Pat said...

Thank you both for the comments and for remembering with me that wonderfully zany Hycinth Bucket .... I used to lol all the time over her antics.....

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