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One of those perfect days

We woke this morning to faint reminders
that summer is no longer young
Chilly temps
a clear and beautiful sky
with lots of clean dry air.

A perfect kind of day for stuff.

Out in the garden
marigolds waiting for the dye pot

I picked them all
tropical storm Danny is expected to
bring rain and winds from tonight through Sunday
Yesterday's goldenrod
gathered at Fort Foster in Kittery.
They look pretty in the salt glaze pot, don't they.
But they are destined for the dye pot, too.

This was one of those perfect New England days
in late summer |
where the spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight,
like a spy,
through the ripening country-side,
and, with feigned sympathy
for those who droop with August heat,
puts her cool cloak of bracing air
about leaf and flower and human shoulders."
Sarah Orne Jewett,
The Courting of Sister Wisby,

Do you know Sarah Orne Jewett. A 19th century Maine writer, she lived a few towns inland from here in South Berwick. Her best-known fiction is The Country of The Pointed Firs.

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Celeste Maia said...

What beautiful flowers and vase, Pat! Suumer in full bloom, even if it is not longer young.
I am traveling right now, staying in the Alentejo. Will be back in Madrid Tuesday afternoon. Will check with you then.

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