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Hand-dyed cotton

i grew the woad to make the background fabric
covered the surface with kantha running stitches
fringed squares

and antique buttons

the beginning of what it might....could ..... become


ACey said...

I had no idea dahlia produced a viable dye! I love the stitching, here and also the enticing bundle-like nature of what is developing.

island sweet said...

i love the slow intensity of this work you do...

Gunnels blog said...

I love this piece! It´s wonderful! I try kantha once at a class for some years ago, but I didn´t like it, or my Kantha sti´tch didn´t looks good. But nowadays I see Kantha everywhere, and I think I ave to give it a new try. Your stitching is really inpiration!
And Pat; thank you so very much for your very nice comment on my blog, I am very proud and glad for your words :-)

Pat said...

gunnel, it is so easy to find beautiful words to describe your beautiful work ...... and thank you for your encouraging words to me .... they mean a lot .....

Deb G said...

Oh I like this! Some children I know recently did a dye project with dahlias, they had some really wonderful results too.

Festive Fibers said...

Pat, your needle work is beautiful...I once grew woad - only a couple of plants, fun. I have always loved natural dyeing.

Art4Sol said...

Love these beautifully soft colors...a truly wonderful piece!

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