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Taking Stitches: Indigo, Kantha, Knitting. Smiles

just so you know:  i've been doing more than just squirreling away tomatoes, apples, squash & pumpkins
i've been taking stitches too
finally completed the knitting on this bag ... it needed a lining to protect the fibers from stretching ... i chose an Amy Butler home dec weight called, August Fields
 i quilted the lining and added 4 pockets ... it has 3 inch gusset for extra roominess ... now the final steps are to add a closure ... sew the lining down along the top edge and add a decorative button on the flap
 i really like the aqua and gold against the blue

 i'm still obsessed with figures stitched on indigo  -- i sketch on paper in my notebook ... when i've one i like
 i stitch it with kantha running stitches on small pieces of japanese indigo that i've saved for a long while

this is a variegated Reynolds yarn called "smile" ... it's mostly wool with a tad bit of acrylic ... on size 10 needles it knits into a great fabric ...  i'm loving it!

updates on this last project ..... later


AeFondKis said...

Hi Pat your bag looks great! I love aqua and indigo and lime green togather! clever you with your stitching the figure reminds me of Matisse's work!
new yarn looks nice..what are you making go on tell us soon!

Pat said...

thanks for your encouraging will be another bag. i love making bags. should be lined today i hope and then i'll post.....

Eva said...

A dancer or a relaxed swimmer? I like this ambiguity! Lovely bag.

patstudio said...

thank you Eva. means a lot..... ambiguity? a good thing.

Deb G said...

Lots of wonderful projects here! I always love seeing how yarn knits up into fabric.

Pat said...

oh i know what you mean deb. for me, a new knitter it is a surprise each time.....that variegated yarn is bulky and the bag uses size 10.5 needles so the fabric that results is dense and wonderful.....lots of substance and should work really well in this bag.....thanks!

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