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on the media:

Brooke Gladstone, i am not.  but i might be the last person in the western world to see the movie, Australia.

i watched it yesterday settled into a comfy chair with cups of tea and knitting.

did you like this film?

i was mesmerized by the chemistry between the lead players, nicole kidman and hugh jackman.

i loved that charming little boy Brandon Walters who played Nullah.

the cattle rustling and wars between cattlemen reminded me of old-timey westerns.

the magic of the aboriginal grandfather, the mystical King George, played with awesome power by the Aboriginal dancer and musician David Gulpilil, was enticing.

but, on the whole, it was not the most memorable film or the greatest cinematic display, i suppose but a sweet treat for a lazy day after chores and a windy walk on the beach.

the day of feasting:
my youngest sister family joined us again this holiday .... Shelly, my sister, her partner, Katherine, and their children Esther (8+) and Ari and Noah (the twins, 3+) drove up from western Massachusetts . . .  it was wonderful to have children in the house  . . . 

after the feast:
but i am really not a traditional cook and prefer more exotic menus and recipes ...... ethnic specialties.  on this day, however, one feels compelled to stay with the traditional meal of roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn pudding and squash.  although the fruits of my labor was appreciated and received compliments, i was underwhelmed by it all.

maybe next year:

i'd really like to do something other than the obvious  . . . . .maybe

something a little lighter, please
in counter-point to the heaviness of turkey and its accroutrements, last evening i created a wonderful mediterranean fish stew cooked in a savory lobster broth with onions, garlic and tomatoes.  (the broth from locally caught lobster; the tomatoes grown just down the road, lightly cooked and frozen for later use)  and served with a nice little south african white wine, a gift from my sister, fresh salad and focaccia, it was a little feast.

i was not underwhelmed by this one . . .

recently read:

recently, i devoured a book called, Annie's Ghost and highly recommend this family memoir by Steve Luxenberg published in May, 2009.

the author's mother always said she was an only child.  even into late adulthood it seemed to be a point of pride which she interjected in nearly every conversational opportunity. but shortly before she died, she discloses to her physician that she actually did have a sister  -- a secret sibling kept hidden for decades.

Annie's Ghost is the author's quest to uncover this family secret but along the way he discovers there were other secrets so tightly held by this immigrant family.

the book is at once, a memoir, a mystery, a family saga, and a social history -- of immigration and institutionalization. 

the story illustrates the Ukrainian immigrant experience in early 20th century US; and brings the reader from Michigan to California to Germany; from the rise of the Nazis and their wave of terror and war; to the rise of institutions through de-institutionalization in the US.  

holiday gift-giving:
tales of black friday.
shopping malls swamped by people looking for bargains
i was not among them and will not be in days and weeks to come.
i prefer hand-made gifts
a slow holiday
am knitting
sewing gifts
this year as in years past.  
will post pics as they are completed


Deb G said...

Guess what, you weren't the last person to see "Australia." It's probably me.... Who knows when I'll get around to it. Just canceled my movies 'cause I had the last one for two months and hadn't watched it.

With you on the holiday gift-giving. :)

T said...

I have not seen Australia yet, cant remember the last movie I watched.

Would also like to have a relaxed light, slow, handmade christmas. The fresh raspberry dacari cocktails slow us all down over here.


AeFondKis said...

Pat, you sound exhausted!! wined and dined out hee hee! I haven't seen 'Australia' there is something spooky about Nicole Kidman's eyes...still rate 'The Colour Purple' as one of my favs and 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe'.
Can't beat snuggled under a cosy throw watching a good film.
Linda x

Deborah said...

I haven't seen it yet either. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your holiday creations.

flossy-p said...

I haven't seen it either, and I live there! ;)

Just popping by to thank-you SO much for your beautiful cards that you sent me for the International Art Exchange! I adore them, they are just stunning.

I have done a little blog post about them.

I hope you receive some good swap things too. Thank-you again, you are too kind!

patstudio said...

well. i guess i wasn't the last one after all ....

T, those fresh raspberry cocktails sound wonderful ...

Linda, you and i share favorite movies! the color purple and fried green tomatoes are tops on my list .... as are sleepless in seattle and you've got mail.

Deborah, i just finished a knitted cap and bag for an 8-year old niece that will be felted tomorrow - will share.

flossy-p, i can't wait to receive my art exchanges....watching the mail. so glad you liked the cards.

linda stokes said...

Have to admit I haven't seen it either!
Sounds like you had a lovely thanksgiving though - the food sounds wonderful - especially the fish stew.
Have fun with your creating!

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