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More korak, please

still enjoying
just playing
with bits and bobs
of different fabrics from my stash of fragments

sorting through fragments
remembering the original purchase 
what i originally created

remembering the textile designer

 that black and grey
with partial circles showing
is a nancy crow fabric
from the 1990s
she was my favorite textile designer of that period:
it took a long while before i wanted to cut into her fabulous designs

the red with black and gold
is an african import

the large triangle is japanese indigo



The best kind of playing :o)

Eva said...

What a beautiful choice of fabrics!
I forgot to mention that my father was born in Termes at the Afghanistan border. But he could not remember much, as he left at the age of 6. Still I have great interest in Central Asia.
Red is the color of joy, youth, and marriage in Turkoman culture.

Deborah said...

They really go together nicely!

patstudio said...

yes, carolyn, I agree. but i have to admit that it took me a good while to let my just play.

thanks, eva. i love this korak piecing. my stash of fragments does too. i like the connotation of red and appreciate your sharing it with me.

thanks deborah, it was fun....

Deb G said...

Oh I so know about not wanting to cut up fabric that I love. :)

Love this combination.

patstudio said...

some fabric seems to wonderful to cut.....some wants to be displayed. as it.....

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