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My Korak

 still playing with korak-style piecing

for now each square has a secret: 
its own raison d'etre
to say this technique fascinates me is to state the obvious:
i should be busily making holiday gifts for family

but here i sit:
bin of fragments
scissor, needle and thread
losing myself in the rhythm
 korak patches
paired with hand-printed leaves
fabric naturally dyed
with color from my herb garden

We woke this morning to the first serious frost.  Fallen leaves are icy white.  Frost on the mums. A crispy early morning.  But we joyously anticipate temps in the mid- to high 50s by mid-day.


Françoise said...

This is nice. Do you plan to join all the patches to make a large quilt?

Pat said...

i don't know yet. for now i just make squares of color. korak. hand-piecing. i guess i like the existential quality ....

Eva said...

Little jewels of color! I love them.

patstudio said...

thank you, Eva. it has been fun playing with color as well as the new technique.

T said...

This Karok looks like fun Pat, will have to give it a go one day...thanks


patstudio said...

oh it is, T. glad you are feeling better.

Deb G said...

Love the top one especially!

patstudio said...

thanks deb, i think i'd like to do something with the leaves and the korak patches.

Deborah said...

lovely patches

patstudio said...

thank you Deborah. what fun I am having!

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