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A Wooly Wedding?

Isn't this great!

The bride wore a wedding gown
made of wool from sheep she raised herself.

This photo ran in the Daily Mail (UK) but I found it surfing the web.  Love it!


AeFondKis said...

Unique and warm! Creativity knows no boundaries!!! They both look slightly sheepish!!! hee hee!

Anneke said...

what a lovely and beautiful copple.
i like the photo


Just popped over to say hello. Yes, I saw this too. Must have taken her ages, but it's certainly unique and rather special to her! I wonder if it's itchy?

Have a lovely weekend

patstudio said...

funny to think about an itchy wedding gown, isn't it.

I hadn't thought about this but, yes, they do both look a bit 'sheepish'. Funny.

but don't you love to see people doing what comes naturally to them.....and dancing to their own music.

Deborah said...

What a great photo! I also wondered about it being itchy. It's also a nice connection to the sheep.

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