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A web in a loom?

Shall we liken Christmas to the web in a loom?

There are many weavers, who work into the pattern the experience of their lives. When one generation goes, another comes to take up the weft where it has been dropped. The pattern changes as the mind changes, yet never begins quite anew. 
At first, we are not sure that we discern the pattern,
but at last we see that, unknown to the weavers themselves,
something has taken shape before our eyes, and that they have made something very beautiful, something which compels our understanding."

How have your experiences changed the patterns of your Christmas holidays?
What family rituals have you kept?
What new one have you introduced?

Earl W. Count
4,000 Years of Christmas


Deborah said...

Interesting questions to consider. Sometimes we need to let go of old rituals, or at least some of them,in order to make way for new ones.


i've been thinking about those questions too.

T said...

Happy Solstice Pat!

Phyllis said...

I find that Christmas has become more about family remembrances than gift-giving. Perhaps this comes with age, but I think it has something to do with the times in which we live, the awareness of consumerism as well as weaving new and treasured stories to buoy up our tired spirits.

Deb G said...

Same as Phyllis. Holidays have really become about spending time with friends and family. Among my immediate family gifts are hand made, vintage (sounds so much better than used!) or the gift of time.

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