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A woman of wisdom .....

"I am a woman of wisdom, strength and grace.
And this is true."

So reads the first page of a fabric art journal that I made to celebrate my mother's life.

My mother, Doris, was the fourth of ten children, born in 1923.  Her mother's death in 1932, her father's lingering despair, the Great Depression and World War II were the defining events of her young life.

The first photo is a picture of my mother, some of her siblings, her father and stepmother. It was taken in the late 1930s.

Creating this page, I used layers of fabric, silk ribbon and beads; couching and embroidery; lace and found objects.

The second page is entitled, Sea Goddess, Sea Blue Goddess. My mother's name, Doris, has origins in Greek mythology and references to the sea. My mother was a strong and avid swimmer; I loved the connection to the mythic story. It was fun and challenging to depict the "underworld" with silk ribbon, beading, quilting, applique and stencil.

Here is my mother on her wedding day in 1942.  I created this page with  layers of fabric ~~

white on white satin, overlaid with sheer printed fabric that I beaded, quilted and embellished with ribbon and faux pearls.


Deborah said...

This is a beautiful piece! I really like the way you incorporated the mythology references. What are the dimensions of the book? How many pages are there?

patstudio said...

thanks Deborah. it is 10 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide. 5 pages/10 spreads.

Deborah said...

It must have taken you quite a bit of time but the results are wonderful.

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