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Odiorne Point "Holding Fast"

On Sunday, we drove inland and across New Hampshire into Vermont.  We climbed Mt Kearsarge to Winslow, a very nice state park.  The top of Kearsarge is about 3000 feet.  Nice view.  The temps were in the 30s; we planned a picnic and a walk ..... too too coooold.  We had the picnic but ate exceedingly fast!  And wished we'd brought a thermos of coffee.

And finally today ! ! !  I drove over to Rochester and ! ! ! I finished the knitted kelp project.  Well, it was another deconstruction but now I am pleased with it. Here's some photos.
Here is the rock atop the painted pedestal with wire knitted kelp draping down

Joanne, my partner in the project, painted the pedestal and did the lettering.  We chose to use the words "holdfast" "holding fast" "just holding" because the topmost part of the kelp is called a holdfast and is the part, like a suction cup, that attaches itself to rocks and marine debris.  Joanne is a storyteller/poet and she created an original poem to go with the piece.  Her poem tells of the tenacity of the first New Hampshire settlers who came to what was later to be known as "Odiorne Point".  It also recounts the perseverance and dedication and loyalty of the military in guarding the port from enemy invaders during WWII.  I don't have a copy handy but will add it when I do.  It is lovely.  Poignant and just right.


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