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SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates

Today I attended my first SAQA meeting of the six New England states.  There were about 16 women representing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine in attendance at the meet-up amiably hosted by a Hillsborough NH member.

Not just 16 women in attendance but really talented women who are producing quite incredible work.  Unique.  Original.  Compelling.   I came away really juiced and ready to work.

Two of the women, both from Massachusetts, inspired me with their personal challenge to produce one 6x8 art quilt each week.

This seems like a really good way to stay 'in the groove'; keep the creative juices flowing even in difficult times that can easily become dry times.

I think I'll pick up the suggestion for 6x8 personal challenge.  Although I did invite Judy M. to join me ....... Stay tuned.

For a long time now I've worked alone without benefit of collegial support and encouragement.  Some years ago when I worked in Concord NH I joined the Capital Quilters -- a fine group of women where I made good solid friends.  But since moving away, I've not found a similar group nor had the luxury of that kind of support, encouragement and camaraderie that happens when like minded spirits get together.

Fortunately, Wen Redmond found me last year and extended an invitation to join the Seacoast Area Fiber Artists with her.  We are about 12-strong in membership, a lively, fun, interesting, and talented group.  I am loving the the opportunity to share with these women who are producing such wonderful work -- some of which you can see here and here .

From that invitation, came membership in SAQA.

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