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An Iconic Bed Quilt .... Part Two

 I've made very slow progress on the Beatles Quilt for Victoria.  Shamefully slow.   The top has gone through several incarnations to get to the final product.

Auditioned fabric.
Lay out the pieces.
Move them around.

Sketched again
And more.

Watched the new Martin Scorcese film about George,
the quiet Beatle, for inspiration.

 This quilt, I thought, should be graphic and bold. 
I wanted it to be black and white with pops of color.

The primary color fabric you see is a Nancy Crow design from the 1990s.  I loved it so much I never wanted to cut into it.  Was saving it for something so so special.  And this is it.

I wanted to use images of the younger Fabulous Four. 
I mean, who wants images of 65 and 70 year old men on their quilts!!!!! 

And, sadly there are only two Fabulous men left.

I started the quilt in October.
Had a great time. 
Learned alot. 
Let myself go. 
Reminisced a bit.

And now I'm just putting the final touches to the front and the verso (so named by my friend, Chris).
Getting it ready to be quilted.
Watch for An Iconic Bed Quilt
..... Part Three

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