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I know who these women are
around this circle
they've taught me strength
and some magic
their faces fade in and out
change, never changing
I know we are the ancient gathering of power
wise women
fearless sisters
secret as we're public
a group of friends
we are so much more.

How can it have been a surprise
to look up after this time
and suddenly see
that we're meeting and connected
as we should be
a circle of women
powerful and magic
whole and healthy

It appears to be tea and coffee but we're drinking sacred wine
libations to the goddess
in the only way we've discovered
so far.

Our shouts are prayers
our laughter, hymns
for the healing process in the presence of women together.

Never in rows
it must be a circle
now wider, now smaller
not broken or squared
we share food together
discuss, talk, reveal
laugh, cry, comfort, console
argue, reinforce, clarify, question,
resolve, relearn, renew.

I know who these women are
I know you among them
I meet me in all parts.

Meleta Murdock Baker

"Sisters" is original work
uploaded by PatStudio.
Please be kind.
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