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Tango, a sad thought you can dance

Tango is art, poetry, and passion.

It is a rags to riches story that began in the the 1880's when poor migrants danced in the Argentine brothels.

Strangers in a strange land from Italy, Russia, France and Germany, they worked from dawn to dusk.

But in dancing they found brief moments of happiness, compassion, and escape.

The tango is sexy and elegant.

Tango is not just a dance; it is an obsession;

Tango is not just in the feet; it is in the heart.

Yes, it is she who controls with the brush of her hand across his neck.

.... a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

.... primitive and savage and richly improvised.

Both partners are head-to-head

Looking in the same direction

Their bodies in the shape of the "A" - chest-to-chest

Feet in close contact with the floor.

Yes, it is she who dances

I suppose I would call these small collages, "orphan pages". They were originally intended for an altered book that got its inspiration from an old book on the manners and mores and art of drinking tea. In the book, were images of tea dances and tango dancers. And that started a brief affair, a mini-obsession, really, with the tango.

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uploaded by PatStudio.
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