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Light Drops

Rain power, baby.

The LightDrops umbrella transforms the potential energy of falling water into electrical energy by using a PDVF conductive membrane. This electrical energy then powers an array of LEDs,
making the umbrella glow bright in the dark.

Designed by Sang-Kyun Park, the LightDrops Umbrella is both stylish and energy conscious, a symbol of all the power in the world that we can harness if we put our minds to it. Beyond the symbolic, we have to admit– this umbrella looks nothing short of fresh.
I just found this Stumble-ing and had to share it!
It fits this wet weather we've been having.
Read more about it here.

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Celeste Maia said...

That pale mauve umbrella is a lotus flower growing from the mud and darkness. What a great image! It made my day, it even made me feel cooler...

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