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If it rains on midsummer eve . . . .

Midsummer Day on June 24
falls mid-way between planting
and harvesting ~~~ a time of celebration.

By tradition, midsummer was the earliest day
deemed safe for swimming
Although most lakes and swimming holes
have warmed by midsummer,
the cold Atlantic water in my neighborhood
is still only about 57 degrees!!!
A little chilly for me.
But one could celebrate with a dip!

With thanks to the
Old Farmer's Almanac
for these interesting facts

Tradition says, if it rains on Midsummer Eve, the filbert crops will be spoiled.


Celeste Maia said...

Love the paintings, especially Picasso's, and that great photograph of the sea!

Pat said...

Thank you, Celeste. The sea photo was taken from Long Sands Beach, here in York. Last year in the autumn after a storm.

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