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A Beach Day?


Yesterday was not exactly a beach day. The sky was dark and gloomy; it wasn't really raining. Not really. But there was so much water in the atmosphere that it felt wet. But our guests were full to the brim with vacation cheer and excitement for playing on Long Sands Beach. The little ones remembered last year and were ready to explore once again: at three years the great expanse of beach is a grand adventure!

So off we went, in jackets and sweatshirts and rain gear trying to remember that it really was was the first day of July. In fact, it felt like October with air temps were below 60, a fairly brisk wind and fog rolling in. The little boys immediatley set to digging in the sand with shovels and pails; Esther started in building a sand castle but soon disrobed to bathing suit and ran to the water. Brave, warm-blooded girl!

As for me, I sat bundled up in a hoodie and wrapped in a beach blanket drinking coffee and enjoying the time with my sister and watching her family at play.

I am posting this at 9:03 AM with torrential rains outside and thunder in the distance. Today, after brunch we'll go to the Children's Museum in Dover where the kids can run and play and discover new things.

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IRSC LAND said...

When I saw the photo of the gull I knew you were in New England. My poor, poor wife moved to Buzzard's Bay at the end of May from sunny Florida.

Her mood was usually good while she was here in Florida. Not so much now.

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