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Happy July 4th

Wishing you a weekend of fun and sun in whatever activities you plan with family and friends.

We celebrated the pre-holiday week with lots of fun with Ari, Noah, Esther and Michelle who visited from western Massachusetts. The week was short on sun but there was endless joy with these wonderful kids around.


Michelle said...

Happy 4th!

Did you fix post editor?

Pat said...

Still working on it; have received some workable advice from blogger 'nitecruzr'. we'll see......

Celeste Maia said...

I have been without a computer these last days as Bob had to travel and took his lap top. By Wednesday I should get my new long to learn how to work it?

I am so glad you had a lovely family reunion! and such beautiful kids! and flowers!

Happy 4th July to you and Larry! Hugs from Portugal, Celeste

Pat said...

Yes, I've missed our daily communication. I'll hope the new computer is easy to learn.

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