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A companionable silence

I am so into ..... slow...... today was slow.
Deliberately intentionally slow.
I took my stitching basket out to the deck this afternoon
surrounded by pansies and petunias
cilantro, shisu, parsley, oregano, & thyme,
purple and green basil
dill and tomato
under the umbrella,
finches twitter and chirp
at the feeder
the occasional wild turkey or two
or three or more wander by
Our house is nestled in the woods
down a private road
unseen by tourists
Its quiet.
I am quiet
and still
for a hummingbird
to drink while I just sit
and stitch.
We are companionable, we too.
The weather has improved immeasurably along the coast.
We have had sun for four days now
Temps in the mid-to high-80's
A bit humid; it rains nearly every night.
But never mind.
We have the sun
time to sit
in peace


Michelle said...

As much as I try, I can't do slow!

Pat said...

Well, you don't need to you. You are a runner. Runners do fast. They should; that's what they do. But me, well, I am ..... what can I say.....just pokin' around.....

Petrus Spronk said...

I have always been a speedy character, even though my work demanded slow, but recently I have discovered the slow way to go
and to savour these moments you mention in your thoughts on slow and I capture some of these moments in my camera for my blog, thanks for the reminder

Petrus Spronk said...

I enjoyed your thoughts on slow
and savour them, catch them myself in my camera and post them on my blog

Pat said...

"May Girl" are slow. To savor moments otherwise lost to haste. To capture for love. Petrus, I knew you were a hasty reading your blog post on gardening-tea-pot cleaning-kitchen cleaning-kitchen painting. all in a day. but hey, a good winter's activity. good for the soul.

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