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That Golden Vegetable

Local fresh produce is everywhere. And what a delight after the long winter of desire. Maine lettuce and tomato, lots of greens of every variety, abundant little English peas, and early squash ~~ oh, my favorite this season is kouso, on the grill, from River Lily Farm in Ogunquit, just up the road a bit. The farmer's markets, despite the unusual rains of June and July, are a feast for the eye and the belly.

Here in Maine, we are feasting on lovely long yellow ears of corn. Fragrant and sweet.
Here is a an homage to that golden vegetable written in 1892.

Drawn up in serried ranks across the fields
That, as we gaze, seem ever to increase,
With tasseled flags and sun-emblazoned shields,
The glorious army of earth’s perfect peace.

C. W. Coleman, Corn

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Deb G said...

I bought my first corn for this year last weekend. It was so good!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the feedback... I see that you like to mix things up a bit too.

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