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Destination: paradise

We drove an hour north on Friday.
Our destination was Freeport Maine.
Now don't think our destination was shopping at the famous outlet stores in Freeport and LL Bean's flagship store. Uh uh. Nope. Not close......
As we were driving south along Route 295 on the way back from Augusta last weekend, we saw two signs calling to us from Route 1: a rare book shop and a yarn shop. We left the highway to investigate and found the yarn shop closed, the book store open late, and, I kid you not, the cheapest fresh lobster we've seen in years. Really. We stopped and filled our picnic cooler with a big bag lobsters for Sunday lunch. While buying the lobsters, the clerk told us about this .....
....... the best kept secret in the northeast. Miles of shoreline on Casco Bay for fishing, kayaking, swimming, picnicing, and camping.
I tell you, this spot is heaven .... if I say it was quiet and peaceful and beautiful, it would be an understatement. It was paradise only 53 miles from home.
The weather that morning didn't look promising but we are great at doing what I call a "lateral arabesque" or inventing a new plan on the spot. So we packed another of our GREAT picnics.
Gathered towels and chairs and bathing suits. Didn't forget books and camera.
And set off optimistically.
And I should say that it didn't rain all day. The sun was high and bright and hot. We did get a bit of shower in the late afternoon. But that didn't dampen our day. It just gave us a rainbow.

The green overhead, the quiet, the seclusion, the vista ~~~ all combined for a perfect day of reading and dreaming, napping and just ...... looking up in wonder.

The area has some rich history. This land was farmed as early as 1733 in what was then referred to as "salt farming" which means they farmed both the land and the sea. This house was built before the beginning of the 1800s.

Now, I would really be untruthful if I didn't say, yes, I did visit Grace Robinson whose shop is known as eye candy for knitters. It is that and more. (but more about that another day)


Randy Shannon said...


I am soooo jealous.

Michelle said...


Pat said...

Hey you guys, Randy and Michelle, thanks for the comments on the blog. And Randy, I didn't mean to make you jealous.....perhaps I did wax a little to persuasively about the Maine.

justme said...

What a lovely spot!

Pat said...

Thank you! Wish you could enjoy too. It really is quite wonderful, in a quiet sort of way.

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