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Kantha stitches

Kantha Embroidery is the most popular form of embroidery practised by the rural women in India. Its history evolved out of necessity to protect against cold. Kantha in Sanskrit means rags and can be called the 'original' recycling art. When silks and muslins became worn-out, women piled them in layers and stitched with running stitches over the entire surface of the cloth thus creating a new life for worn material.

The ancient art of kantha stitching was often used to tell stories of village and family life.

In modern-day India, urban and rural women are re-claiming the ancient craft and using it to become financially self-sufficient.

In both ancient and modern times, the kantha stitch is used to tell powerful stories of the place and role of women in the society.


Celeste Maia said...

Do you know where the word "kantha" comes from? This embroidery is for me the most beautiful I have seen, so delicate and soft. Your work is great, Pat. Two important things I have so far learned from you, May Sarton and now kantha stich. Thank you.

Pat said...

I shall write a new post with some history of the word.

Thank you Celeste!

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