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..... just glorious ......and, yes worth the praises!
We finally got summer.

Sunday and Monday arrived after the holiday and brought with them two fabulous New England summer days! The kind of days we dream about all winter long: temps in the high 70s and 80s with the clearest blue sky and bright sun. We made the most of both days with lots of outside activities. Picnic lunch and walks on the beach. Dinner on the deck at home. Larry putzed in the garden assessing the damage wrought by so much rain in June. And Parker, the young boy who cuts our lawn came by to work magic with his machine and bring order to the grass which was getting longer and taller with all the rain and no chance to mow.

Today, I've been playing in the studio. Playing 'what if' with fabric manipulation and kantha embroidery. The combination creates a very textural 'new' fabric that both looks and feels great. I have some ideas about what I might do with the fabric when my manipulations are complete. But nothing is set in stone at this point. And that feels quite all right.
This is the kantha stitching on contemporary printed cotton. The close running stitches creastes the appearance of ridges on the fabric. Kantha stitching is ancient and originated in India. Rural woman would create a 'new' fabric by sewing their worn saris and blankets in this way. They didn't use a batting between the layers of sewing and thus created a soft and flowing fabric. I am using batting between the cotton and a base of linen. I intend to lay a piece of bridal veil over top and continue the kantha stitching in close rows creating a very tight and textural piece.


Michelle said...

Where u b?

Celeste Maia said...

Kantha stiching is absolutely gorgeous, and the thought of adding bridal veil over it, please, you have to show the result. You do beautiful work, Pat.

Pat said...

Michelle: I b in york; you b running; and good for you.

Thank you, Celeste, you are very supportive. The bridal veil creates a softness and subtlety to the colors. Perhaps, some beading.....

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