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Solar Eclipse of the Moon

Did you know?

Before the science of eclipses was understood, the Ancient Egyptians believed that a mythical pig swallowed the Moon. Long before science entered their lives, Mayan folklore told of a jaguar who swallowed the Moon. And even today, Eskimos, Aleuts, and Tlingits believe that an eclipse allows the Moon or Sun to leave the sky to check that things are all right on Earth.

Today is the solar eclipse and while not visible in my part of the world, tides are expected to be running exceptionally high.

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Angelika Westermann said...

Hi Pat,
Glad you found my blog and liked it. I did not know that there was an eclipse. However this seems to explain why people that day were extremely touchy and traffic was very erratic (at least when looking at some drivers). I was wondering because it was not full moon where I expect reactions like this. Now I know why! Exceptionally high tides....
We seem to share quite a lot of interests and are visiting many blogs together!
Cheers, Angelika

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