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It's all a miracle

To be alive,
to be able to see,
to walk,
to have houses,
paintings -

it's all a miracle.

I have adopted the technique of living life miracle to miracle.
Arthur Rubinstein


Gina said...

What a fabulous studio setting! I'm also enjoying the quotes you chose to share! I'm off to read more ....

patstudio said...

Thanks Gina for finding me in the blog-o-sphere and for commenting on the blog. I LOVE comments. Just visited your's too. Splendid photos.

Deb G said...

Yes, lots of miracles to be found.

Celeste Maia said...

Very good quote, really enjoyed it. And the photo is so inviting.
My younger daughter arrived yesterday, for 4 days, and then Anna Thulin (remember the Swedish woman who tried to commit suicide?) invited me for tea yesterday. I did not know what to do, be with my daughter, go to the tea. In the end my daughter came too...

patstudio said...

thank you Gina, Deb and Celeste. miracles are around. abound. yes.

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