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So slowly I go

I'll be in the studio.
And hand-stitching on the deck.
But I am otherwise bereft of my computer.

Well, I won't have withdrawal symptoms after all. I have Larry's to use.

I noticed the computer was acting up. It was pokey and slow. Didn't want to load web pages. It didn't want me to upload images. My editor tool bar on blogger disappeared. And I could go on .......

So we took it to our bits and bites guy for servicing.
Result: the computer has a trojan and needs a major mid-summer cleaning.

All my images are on that hard drive. Earlier I'd purchased a flash drive for images.....but I kept procrastinating and procrastinating. And never did get that little task done. I am using Larry's spiffy new Dell laptop. A lovely machine. But it doesn't have my images.

When I am not thinking about sick computers:

I've been reading Cathy Culis' blog and trying her low impact natural dyeing experiments. I'll have photos from the process and results in a day or two.

The experiments are low on prep and resources and high on the magic of wonder and what if. Yesterday, I took a small piece of vintage cotton eyelet and submerged it into a dye bath of oregano ...... one tiny piece of cotton in a small glass jar to which the dye bath added. Today, another piece of the same cotton eyelet but using basil. So far, the first has pale yellow hue and the second has a hint of green.

It is a pretty experiment. The little glass jars twinkle in the sun during the day. The process relies on solar energy and patience. A slow slow process. I like slow.


T said...

Hi Pat, solar dying can be fun, but it also tested my patience last summer. I kept forgetting things and ending up with lots of mold, or dried up bits of cloth. I think I just needed some better containers. Will have to have another go this coming summer. Hope all your images are OK on your computer.

T said...

Love the mermaide floating in your studio

Deb G said...

I'm really enjoying my experiments too (posted on the bundles today). With the oregano, are you using the flower or the leaf?

Deb H said...

My computer has gotten very slow too. I spent hours getting my Guild blog posted today.

The little jars of dye sound lovely, so does hand quilting on the deck. It's wet & chilly here today, so my deck sits idle.

Thanks for leaving your comments! It's always lovely hearing from you!

Pat said...

Thanks T. I am liking the experiment but I can see how impatience could be a problem.

DebG I used the leaf yesterday. Can't wait to see the bundles.

DebH: I always enjoy your blog and the work you do is so inspiring. We had so much rain during June and July; these are first really nice consecutive days of sun all summer long.

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