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Amiable unto eternity

a magnificent day

we drove over to Portsmouth
did tourist things
in the gardens at Prescott Park

visited an ancient cemetery
where the most memorable granite marker
"she was an amiable consort. . . "
it saddened me
which of us would be known as
amiable' unto eternity

our favorite farmer
bemoaned the tomato blight
(the same one that caused the Irish potato famine)
and we felt lucky to get our 20 pounds
for cooking and freezing

picnic lunch
on Great Island
lobster boats &
pleasure boats
on the Piscataqua
artists painting
au plein aire

so many photo opps

but i forgot the camera!


Celeste Maia said...

Yes, you forgot the camera, but your words more than gave a feeling of your outing. What beautiful prose, Pat, or should I call it poetry. You do live a very gracious life!
I also wanted to ask you for your mailing address - send it by email, please - as I might have to go to the States at the end of September and would like to take advantage to send you my art book.

Pat said...

thank you celeste. and i surely will do.....

Gunnels blog said...

I agree wíth Celeste; your word is like poetry. Nowadays I always have my minicamera in my handbags, because you newer know when the right times come!
Thanks again for your very nice comment on my blog
Today we have a very bad weather here, very windy and rain. I hope it will better tomorrow, we will drive to our summerhouse at the countryside

Have a nice wekeend!

Michelle said...

Yet, there you are!

Pat said...

Thank you Gunnel. I always like to visit your blog. And so appreciate your visits to mine -- and your comments and compliments, too.

Pat said...

Yes, there I am: in a photo that is about a year old. that was really a mistake. but i like it .....

i am probably the most un-photo-graphable person ever. like native americans, i guess. afraid the camera will steal my spirit. or something............

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