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To make a dot . . . .

to mark with a dot
to form or make with dots
to cover with or as if with dots

synonyms for dot: atom, dab, droplet, fleck, flyspeck, grain, jot, mite, mote, particle, circle, iota, period, pinpoint, point, speck, spot, tittle (TITTLE???)

dots . . . here
dots . . . there

everywhere: dots as personal symbol or in universal context
playing what if with dots

on and with printed fabric

on kantha stitching

Thanks Jude and ACey
for the inspiration


Celeste Maia said...

Absolutely lovely! I would love to see the finished work.

Phyllis said...

Oh! You are loving the world of dots too! I love your kantha stitching. It is beautiful

Pat said...

yes. not only are they every where. i am being seduced by blogger artisans who remind me of the universality and ubiquity of the dot

ACey said...

what's very cool is the fact that so many of us are drawn to very similar symbols and work techniques and yet the results speak eloquently of individualism as well trans-personal resonance.

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