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A fruitful Saturday

a trip to our local farmer's market
Egyptian Eggplant
Italian Heirloom Lettuce
Japanese Edame
luscious white onion
all from River Lily Farm in Ogunquit
(just up the road a piece)

from our garden
one Black Crim --
an heirloom tomato

from my favorite produce guy
the very earliest macintosh apples
beautiful bouquet of heirloom lettuce
stunning yellow and orange
Marigolds in a pot
with yellow and orange Gazania
from the little garden by my door

for today's dyeing, i am using India's suggestion
of a pre-soak in diluted milk


Celeste Maia said...

I sounds like a lovely expedition to your farmer's market. I loved reading and seeing your shopping list. ou are so lucky!
And that bouquet of flowers, so luscious.
Thanks for your address.

Deb G said...

Soaking in milk has been on my too try list too. Maybe today. :)

Pat said...

well, the concoction is soaking. the color was almost instantly bright yellow. very nice bright yellow. i'll post a pic ...... thanks Deb.

Ahipara Girl said...

that food looks soooo good. my dream ... to have my own vegies for summer. thanks for reminding me.

Volunteer abroad India said...

Marketing sounds a lot of fun. That lettuce looks very tasty.

Have a nice day!

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