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Inspiration is never far . . .

 Blogging is the only addiction that won't make you fat  ...  But it might make you ... hungry for instant gratification  ...  Erica Jong, HuffPost Blogger

Perhaps I too have become an internet junkie. A blogger addict.  Maybe I do spend too much time doing lateral arabesques going from one fiber art blog to another visiting artists whose work I find inspirational and who I might never meet outside of cyberspace.

But if I do and if it's true, here's why!
And just a few of my favorites.

Viola in Germany whose work is magical in mixed media, collage, fabric art and altered art.

 Dijanne in Australia, an amazingly talented fabric artist, international teacher (oh how I'd love to be close enough to take a class with her!) and author. She does wonderful things with lutrador.   
Dijanne's  books and CDs include:

Seventy Two Ways Not to Stipple or Meander;  Lovely Lutradur; and  
Seventy Two More Ways Not to Stipple or Meander.  
 Dijanne's work can be purchased directly from her blog.

Gunnel in Sweden creates beautiful art and objects in fabric  
She has a lovely blog. 
Just delightful.
Whenever I open her blog,
I smile.
The work she has chosen
for the blog's banner is wonderful.
Beautiful serene blue.
Vintage lace
Painted buttons. 

Her work is offered for sale on etsy over here
Take a look!

of Agnes Coy in New Zealand works in linen and creates designs with an elegant simplicity.  
It is a visual treat to visit her blog.  The color.  Photography.  Sense of style and elegance.  And her work is wonderful.  See her work on the blog and on the website.

BenteMalm in Norway
quilt design  ~~~~ art quilting ~~~~ and beautiful bag making
Linda Stokes in Western Australia
Linda says of her work that
"Colour, pattern & texture are my language. Dyeing, printing, machine embroidery & cloque are some of the techniques I use to create my bags, scarves, wraps, wall pieces, cushions & more."

Thank you all, for the privilege of sharing your work.

And now you know the rest of the story.


Phyllis said...

What a feast of inspiration. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful art and these blogs. Now I will have to come back to these and spend more time. I think it is time well spent because it is always so inspiring and uplifting.

susan said...

oooh all so very very very pretty. i need something to get me to finish my daughters quilt! gak!!!!
hey, how's the self portrait photo coming along? rain on it's way. we should plan a dinner at our house for you two to come - this saturday we have openings, but maybe the following? let's talk. xo susan

Pat said...

would love it. larry has clicked the camera a few more times today while I was sewing. will take a look and (if) (ok) will send.

Gunnels blog said...

oh Pat, thank you very much for your kind words about me :-) And it was a great post, you have good taste, som many beutiful findings! Some of them I already know and someone was new for me ! Thank you very much!!!

Celeste Maia said...

These are gorgeous blogs, Pat, like yours is. I had a wonderful time looking at each image. Thanks!

Pat said...

Gunnel, it was my pleasure. And all the words are true!

Thanks Celeste. Yes, they are all wonderful blogs and a delight to visit. And I do appreciate your compliment.


Hi! Just popped over to say hello and wish you a very happy weekend. I'm sorry I've taken a while to visit and say THANK YOU for your comment on my blog recently

Thank you for the links to some wonderful talented artists. Some I know, some are new ... just off for a visit to some new places ...

Wishing you happiness and sunshine :o)


Pat said...

thanks carolyn for stopping by and i hope you'll come back again....

alison said...

Hello Pat,

Thank you so much for featuring my blog and website in amoungst your favourites and for your kind comments. Know that I am typing and blushing!

Pat said...

You are so welcome alison. it was a pleasure!

linda stokes said...

Thanks Pat for generously featuring my blog - looks like I'm in very good company! I'll enjoy looking at the ones I didn't know about.

linda stokes said...

I should also say that the first pic (long hanging) is a group piece. I was one of about 10 people from Designing Women who worked on it.

Gunnels blog said...

hi Pat!
Thanks for your always so lovely comments on my blog !!! I wish you a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Alison, you are so welcome; it was my pleasure.

Gunnel, it is always a treat to see what you are up to over on your blog ......

Pat said...

Linda, you are entirely welcome!

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