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Knit Crochet along the shore

Rye Harbor, New Hampshire
 the New Hampshire coastline is a mere 14 miles long
but beautiful nonetheless
here a gull sits sentry over the harbor

and there an egrett has come out for lunch
this is the Great Island looking towards the Coast Guard Station and Portsmouth beyond
a life saving station at the mouth of the Piscataqua River now defunct
we stopped at Newcastle Commons on the Great Island to picnic, walk, snooze, knit and read

but before setting out to enjoy September along the shore, i mailed this to the Ahipara Girl 
in New Zealand who is collecting handmade potholders for a decorative wall she is creating


Ahipara Girl said...

How amazing is it when someone drops in to my world from way out there and says "I want to send you a gift"!? Thanks so much Pat. It blows my mind how generous u are and that there are other souls in the world who are just like me. Bless.

Pat said...

what lovely sweet thoughts. so much appreciated.

justme said...

I just love your pictures, Pat! Such a pretty walk.

Pat said...

thanks sally. it is pretty along this shore no matter the weather or the month. but now it is quite splendid.

Gunnels blog said...

So beautiful pictures Pat ! Blue lovely sky and the mirror in the water on the second pics. very beautiful!
Thanks again for lovely comment on my blog!

Pat said...

Yes, Gunnel, the sky, the water that day was a splendid blue. And, though I am no 'real' photographer, I was pleased with the mirror effect. Pleased with the surprise because it is almost always serendipitous.

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