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An instinct to create

I have come to believe that knitting speaks both to the innate pleasure in making,
and the natural instinct to create something pleasing to the eye.

Even though our world is so reliant on the work of machines rather than human hands and speed and economic gain valued over all else--the instinct to use our hands to create remains with us.
Melanie Falick

i finished knitting this wool bag just before the weekend.  its about 14x10x4 inches and will be lined and interfaced to give it body and prevent stretching.  and about the lime green button?  here i'm auditioning it against the blue and think i might line it in a similar cotton.  what do you think?

oh, but let me tell you about this yarn before i leave you:
first, it was purchased from Peace Fleece,
a small company in Porter, Maine committed to helping historic enemies cooperate and prosper through trade. their yarns are blend of Russian, Romanian, American, Israeli and Palestinian wools

this colorway is called Baghdad Blue
and all proceeds from the sale of this yarn is donated to the courageous village of Neve Shalom/Wahat at Salam  --  which means Oasis of Peace in Hebrew and Arabic.  the village is comprised of 50 families living and working together on a hillside looking towards the west and the Mediterranean that was four times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

here  is one of the reasons why the owners of Peace Fleece do what they do:
"Marty believes that promoting crafts in our hectic society is important. 
By inspiring people to work with their hands, 
she hopes that they can find more time to discover their own inner solutions for peace.



I think the lime green would work and make it zing. Maybe a little orange too?

Pat said...

oh thanks. what a great idea. love it. love the orange!

Deb G said...

I love lime green with blue. :)

I'm going to have to look for some of that yarn.

Pat said...

thanks deb. Peace Fleece does not have a retail outlet; they do have an online presence with a catalogue -- the link is in the post. their yarn is also sold at Halcyon's retail store but i don't know if it is sold in the catalogue....

Petrus Spronk said...

some of my favorite possessions, a few hand knitted jumpers by my mother
years of cosy wear warmly filled with memories, plus a knitted scarf, a first project by Lutea for her creative guardian, me.

Anonymous said...

thank you petrus for the sweet and nostalgic comment. i have a knitted blanket in my room that my mom made for me; my daughter has crocheted blankets that were made by her great grandmother; her daughter has saved the dresses and capes that i made for her from the time she was a tiny babe. all slowly made, i am sure, with love, as were your knitted jumpers and scarf. how lovely that your young friend is gifted you with love from her hands.......

Deb Light said...


I love the blue and lime together.Is that what you went with?

Love Ya,

Pat said...

yes, i cut the lining this afternoon. and think i'll use a bit of orange with lime too. perhaps another button?

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