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Of common ground, fibers, farmers, families and FUN

we went to the fair today
the birds and beasts were there
as well as farmers growers herders historians ecologists and more
there was an abundance of hand-spun and hand-dyed fiber and yarn that seduced my imagination
weavers spinners 
plant and lichen dyers

exhibits and demonstrations
speakers speechifying tents and policy wonks

children and families young and not so
hippies old and new and wanna be
all came out for the 33rd annual
sponsored by the Maine Organic Growers Association
The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), formed in 1971, is the oldest and largest state organic organization in the country.

Mission: The purpose of the Association is to help farmers and gardeners: grow organic food, fiber and other crops; protect the environment; recycle natural resources; increase local food production; support rural communities; and illuminate for consumers the connection between healthful food and environmentally sound farming practices. 
this might just be the most laid back
eco-conscious fair ever

the food was great
the weather sublime
Eileen and I reveled in every moment

but  i didn't take any photo images at the fair
 these  quilt photos  have little to do with the text
except as diversion for my rambling about this lovely day


Deb G said...

Oh that does sound like a lovely day!

Pat said...

oh deb you would have loved this day! i think it was probably designed with you in mind!!!

jude said...

a wonderful day....what more could you ask for? except these lovely textile pics!

Pat said...

thanks Jude. it was a wonderful day. about the textile: they are photos of a quilt that i hand-pieced and hand-quilted quite a few years ago. but i still like looking at its serene blue and white

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