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The colors of autumn

yesterday felt like being on the cusp of winter

the sun made only cameo appearances

the wind was high and the air chilly

autumn is the season for country fairs.  for celebrating the harvest.  yesterday we drove inland to the Deerfield Fair which is reputed to be the oldest family fair in New England.  it earns that designation because there is no alcohol and no gambling.  but lots of farm animals, demonstrations, exhibits, needlework, produce, fibers, spinning, sheep shearing, hay baling, woodcutting, good food, music, singing, children playing.  unseasonably cold.  so cold the lemonade vendors put their goods under wraps and fled the premises.  soup and hot beverages were the hit of the day.  and musicians struggled to pick their instruments with cold fingers. 

although summer is shedding her garments
i am not ready to shed mine.  no not just yet.


Gunnels blog said...

This are great photos! I wish you a nice wekeend!

Pat said...

Thank you Gunnel. I am looking for a great weekend! And wish you the same.

T said...


Sounds spine chillingly cold......

great photos...


Pat said...

thanks T.
it was cooooold. and it arrived without warning. there was no gentle slow drop of temps. no getting ready .....

Sue B said...

wonderful photos. I think autumn is my favorite time of year although this year it seemed to go from summer to autumn a bit too fast here on the East coast.

Deb G said...

Same thing happened here. Got cold supper fast. I suspect there might be frost this morning.

Love the seagulls

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