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In search of yellows

i have not achieved an acceptable yellow this season
using marigold
 each plant gave me washed-out pale-not so attractive-yellows.

in the past i did get quite bright yellows from marigold
and went back to my earlier processes as recorded in notebooks

 no scientist, i am too right-brained so my notes are not 'scientific'
but here they show that i used a one-pot method of natural dyeing with alum on marigold

so i picked a pot of marigold before the weekend rain started
to give it another go


Deb G said...

I started making some notes when I first started dyeing but then stopped. I figure I'll get what I get and that's it. Best yellow I've had so far has been from onion skins on wool that I soaked with alum.

Françoise said...

And, did you get a nice bright yellow this time?

Pat said...

not yet Francoise. it's still cooking in a glass jar.....but on the way i think....

Deb i have been wanting to try onion skins.....i suppose you must save them in plastic or something until there are enough.....

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