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Creative play

it took me a long while to just play
 play for the shear joy of it
for the longest time i felt i had to be productive
every time.
 i think this is a woman's thing.
do you?
but a few years ago with extended time out of work due to an illness
i had a miraculous opportunity to play. 
play was something that i could do. 
with limited energy, play was what i did.
i found it both liberating and exciting.

here is a piece that came from a more recent playful time with my sewing machine
starting with scraps of silk and wool
i sewed and cut and turned and sewed
and cut and turned and sewed the strips again and again
until i had this mosaic of tiny spots of color and texture
 i used metallic and other decorative threads to embellish over top of the mosaic

once i might have asked:
'but what is it?'
'what will it be or become?'
now i enjoy this simple act of doing
and i allow it to just 'be'


Deb G said...

That is so much fun! Purposeful and playful is very out of balance in our society.

Deb H said...

Applause, applause! I think play is highly under-rated. We should allow ourselves to play a part of every day. To find the joy in life that so many leave behind with childhood.

I love the textures of your little piece, & I bet eventually you will find a way to feature it, & give it the respect it deserves! It'd lovely!

I did something similar once, but it was curvy, & brown wools. It ended up being a brain coral in a sea scape. It's one of my all time favorite pieces that I've done.

Pat said...

great affirmation for my process and i appreciate them. it is fun: learning to reclaim childhood play.


Yes, we all need to play more often. Why do we feel gulity for being unproductive? It's so negative!

I think we need at least one play day a week - a dedicated day - yes I like this idea!

Thank you :o)


Sorry, that should be "guilty". My dyslexic fingers have just made up a new word!

Pat said...

yes i do as well. funny. i googled the phrase: creative play. all the links that appeared were about children. sad. as adults we need just as much and really, we have to re-learn play while children do it naturally.

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